About Us

Chef Tony Cruz

Chef Tony is originally from El Salvador, in CentralAmerica. He comes from a restaurant family for generations.

At age 19, in pursuit of his dreams, he decided to emigrate to the United States. He would come to this country not only to work, but to fulfill his dreams. His love for cooking grew to the point of making the decision to pursue a life career in this profession. So, he decided to focus his time and energy on learning everything necessary to become a successful professional in the restaurant world. His first experiences were in restaurants of oriental and Italian food, then in Central American food. In each of them he had the opportunity to learn different recipes and techniques from great masters and chefs.

During all those years of learning and hard work, he gained experience and knowledge. At the end of 2019, he made the decision together with his wife Mily and his brother-in-law Rodolfo to open a restaurant. At the beginning of 2020, they open "Loroco Bistro" in the midst of a pandemic. Thus, fulfilling the beginning of his dream.

Currently, Chef Tony is a chef specialized in Salvadoran gastronomy. He has created a new, fresh and modern concept in each of the dishes that he prepares in his kitchen, without losing the authentic flavor of the family recipes in Central America. He is giving Salvadoran dishes a new color and flavor, with seasoning and quality ... or as he would say "With style and flavor".

shrimp saladMeatPollo encebollado (half chicken) prepared in a rich sauce of onion, green chili, red chili, coriander and spices, rice, blended beans, Organic Spring mix, two handmade tortillasTraditional leg soup prepared with sliced cow’s feet, beef tripe, rich spices and aromas, accompanied by rice and two handmade tortillasrice and beans

Our Food

The traditional Salvadoran cuisine reflects the customs of our ancient people. This is the reason that we decided that Our food was made with authentic Salvadoran products to maintain its authenticity, which will make you remember in each bite a little piece of El Salvador, we take care of every detail to keep in each dish the authentic flavor and thus be able to recreate those unique flavors of each Salvadoran table.

Salvadoran cuisine is characterized by the fusion of great cultures, that is why in our kitchen we integrate some gourmet touches with spices and other ingredients to enhance its flavor achieving a typical gourmet fusion. Therefore, creating a variety of representative Salvadoran dishes, worthy of any gastronomic award.